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John Marshall, Peterborough Utd 1970/73

John Marshall who lives in Thailand got in touch with the Posh Supporters Trust after looking at our on-line museum.

John who was on the Posh’s books in the early seventies sent us a little biography about himself which we thought we’d share with you.

Here’s a picture of John from the 1970/71 season team photo which can be seen on the following page of our on-line museum Team Photo from 1970/71 and a picture of him today in Thailand.

john-marshall-gif         john-marshall-1

“Before arriving at Peterborough I had been playing youth football at Rotherham United. At that time Rotherham had a strong goalkeeping line up including Jim Furnell ex Arsenal and Jim McDonagh who went on to play for Everton and the Republic of Ireland.

I was recommended to Peterborough by Rotherham coach Bob Foster who was a friend contact of Jim Iley (I only learnt later that Bob Foster had been a great servant to Preston NE and had played in a cup final. It just goes to show how little you look at when you are young)

I was offered professional forms at Bradford City but had already agreed to visit the Posh for a trial and decided to keep my options open and in the end joined the Posh.

The first person I met on my arrival at London Road was club secretary and former player Ellis Stafford who was a great character and made me feel very welcome. Ellis was from my part of the world and was someone I spoke to a lot in my early days, someone a 16 year old away from home probably needed in the those days.

The management team at that time was Jim Iley, with coaches Jim Walker and Billy Hails. Unlike today the total squad of players was 22 with  a manager 2 coaches and physio Albert Preston, no academies and development squads like today. The youngsters with me at the time were Clive Reedman Keith Oakes And David Hill. The out of town youngsters used to have digs on Oundle Road opposite the Boys Head which I think has now gone. I can remember we used to get picked up on a morning by goalkeeper Dick Dighton who lived in Corby.

At that time the dressing room banter was instigated by Jack Carmicheal , Peter Price and Chris Turner, there were others. I have read the Chris wasn’t a great trainer but in my time he was the only one back most afternoons with the young boys working on his game.

I didn’t set the world a light at Peterborough my 2 years plus being spent with the Youth team and Reserves, however I thoroughly enjoyed my time at a great and friendly club and met some great characters and have some happy memories

Although it was not the greatest time is  Posh’s history I was delighted to see that Jim Hall, Tommy Robson , Chris Turner and Jack Carmicheal have all made the Hall Of Fame not bad from a squad of 22

It shows how times have changed I remember an article in Evening Telegraph on my arrival complaining that Jim Iley only was fetching in players from outside the region after all just think today Barnsley to Peterborough.!!!!!!!!

I left Peterborough shortly after the arrival of Noel Cantwell who revamped the squad. On leaving the Posh I did play until my 30s semi professionals with spells in the Alliance  Conference, Midland and Yorkshire leagues.

After working in Sales for over 40 years I moved out here to Phuket Thailand 3 years ago. I have only been back to London Road twice  but always look out for Posh’s results and wish them well.”

John Marshall

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