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Listen to PST Chairman John Henson on HerewardRadioFC

PST Chairman John Henson was a guest on Hereward Community Radio’s HerewardRadioFC programme on Thursday 21st January 2016.

John talked about the Trust as well as giving his opinions on Posh recent performances and his predictions for future games. John also went head to head in the ‘Cole vs Guest’Posh Quiz!

You can listen to what he had to say by clicking on the following link Fergie & Cole Talk Posh and selecting the 21st Jan 16 show. All Fergie & Cole’s shows are on the link so you can listen / catch up on all their shows.

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New ‘Chairmen’ section launched on our on-line museum

Take a look at  our new ‘Chairmen’ section on our on-line museum where we share with you photo’s and details of some the men who have held the role of Chairman of Peterborough United Football Club.

The section is work in progress with information on ten of the club’s Chairmen and photos of four of them. If you have any information / photos of Mr A E Sharpe, Mr R H Gosling, Mr G. Woodcock, Roger Terrell and Hugh G Wright we’d love to hear from you.

In fact if you know of any other Chairmen of the club (or have details / photos of any Chairman of the club not covered in this section of the museum) please contact us so we can update the museum. Simply email us at

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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 22 January 2016

Week 04

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 WW5264 Lynn Heeley Phil Williamson
£500 AP2017 Miss D Chapman G Chapman
£200 JJ3862 Hilary Gregiry Standing Order
£100 G.5080
Mr B Owens
Alicia Lucas
Office Payer
Mick Everied
£50 W.0350
Gerald Case
Brian Cree
Steve Payne
Mr S L Cook
Peter Crame
Brian Cree
Standing Order
Office Payer
£25 LL4180
Mr J Hancock
Mrs S E Stones
Miss S Hill
Mr Hallard
Mrs Worrall
Simon Murphy
Office Payer
Villiage Stores
Stephen Phillips
Brian Cree
Mark Waterhouse
Keith Blincoe

Plus 170 x £10 Winners and 130 x £5 Winners

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The Chris Turner Statue Appeal


The Supporters of Peterborough United are committed to raising £80,000 to site a Bronze Statue of the Posh Legend Chris Turner at the entrance of the Abax Stadium.

A Committee of  Fundraisers  made up of many Posh Supporters as well as local businessmen has been established.  All Donations, (over £28,500.00 to date) is deposited in a Barclays Bank, ‘Foundation Trust’ account specifically for the statue. All financial transactions will be totally transparent and are being overseen by local accountancy firm Stephenson Smart.

To make a donation and for more information go to the dedicated website,

click on this link:-

Read our news page for more information about the launch night attended by The Posh Supporters Trust.

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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 15 January 2016

Week 03

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 F.3573 Mrs Peters Peter Jones
£500 AE2806 Mrs T Bundy Chris Hayes
£200 Y.6701 Mrs Stirzaker Iain McDermott
£100 GG6929
Peter Wilkins
Andrew Massey
Grice News
Standing Order
£50 JJ4467
Mr Howarth
F H Brown
A Widowson
Roy Worrall
Dave Meredith
K Greaves
Peter Crame
Roy Worrall
£25 WW4658
K M Anderson
Mr Williams
Mr D Hood
Phillip Gill
Angela Saw
Mr D Allen
Standing Order
Martins Newsagents
Paul Davis
Pat Barnett
David Muldoon
Phil Williamson

Plus 170 x £10 Winners and 130 x £5 Winners

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