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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 16 August 2013

Week 33

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 AW3195 Mrs D Kaut Mr P Singh
£500 U.2344 Mr M Coppack Nigel Wilkinson
£200 F.0042 Mr Mills Mark Waterhouse
£100 L.5972
Mr Ward
Miss Harrison
Keith Leedham
Vincent Pugh
£50 Y.4051
J Blackmore
John Saxon
B Gaskin
Mr Broomhead
Steven Somers
Office Player
Standing Orders
Rob Purdon
£25 AW0441
Mr W Cank
David Taylor
Kim Lythgoe
Robert Bucham
Mr Lindley
Mrs Brown
Mr Dedman
Sharon Speakman
Graham Henshall
Paul Davis
John Perkins
Tim Brown
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 09 August 2013

Week 32

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 AN4888 Mrs K Roberts Tony Adams
£500 XX2666 Mrs P Garner Eric Barnett
£200 XX0686 Mrs W Bradshaw Peter Cramer
£100 M.5453
Mike Parsonage
Joan Mann
Office Player
£50 V.1973
Rob Purdon
P Barber
C Jones
Mrs M Borwick
Standing Orders
Peter Bryant
Mick Everied
Jasat News
£25 GG0087
D Cadleent
William Parker
Mrs Leech
Alex Lewis
Parish Cobb
K McQuail
P Brewer
On line Player
Gillian Bray
Office Player
Standing Orders
R Ibison
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 02 August 2013

Week 31

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 U.5552 Mrs Dearney Peter Bryant
£500 A.5200 P Collins Online Player
£200 C.2994 Miss Lever R Beesley
£100 AP0193
F Stewart
Mr Rathby
Standing Orders
Mrs Marshall
£50 Q.4455
Alan Dugdale
Mr Franklin
Mr Jones
Mr P Pickin
Online Player
Steve Goode
Alan Lowe
Phil Pickin
£25 J.3617
Mr Atkinson
Trevor Robbins
Mrs Wright
J Hughes
Mr Pickles
J Mullineux
Standing Orders
David Moore
R Porter
Online Player
Standing Orders
Office Player
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London Road Stadium Development

Its all systems GO!

After much negotiation the final piece of the jigsaw has finally been agreed between the Football Club and the City Council on the development of London Road.

At an extraordinary meeting of the full council on 31 July, Councilors unanimously voted and approved a budget of £1million to retrofit the London Rd end with seats, following the completion of the new Moys End stand and educational centre project. With this approval, both the Club and the Council leaders have agreed a new 25 year lease and the option for the football club to purchase the stadium anytime in the first 10 years of the new lease.

The football club had challenged the amount of rent payable under the present lease as the rent they collect from other commercial ventures around the stadium, was much less than the Council had projected. Therefore an independent rent review was conducted to negotiate a more realistic figure.

Rent for the year ending Sept 2013 has been reduced from £500k to £300k and the Club are actively making payment previously withheld, whilst negotiations took place. For the next 12 months or so, during the demolition and construction of the Moys End project, an abatement of £280k has been agreed to compensate for loss of revenue and extra security required during the construction. When the Moys End project is completed, the rent will rise to £380k per year and rise again to £430k after the retrofit of the London Road terrace.

As for the London Road End, the statement is that PCC & PUFC will still work together on achieving a major redevelopment of the LRE as the preferred option, however this can only be achieved if a developer to fund the project is found. If a developer cannot be found then the retrofit will ensure the club will have an all seated stadium, which is  required when we get back to the Premiership. 

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Supporters Direct Statement – Coventry City

3rd August 2013

Supporters Direct notes the decision by The Football League to grant a transfer of membership of Coventry City Football Club to SISU [Otium] with a ten point deduction.

This follows their earlier decision to grant the club permission to play their games outside of the City of Coventry.

It is a sad day indeed when a club can be moved away from its community, its owners can wipe out debts and can act with such disdain for its fans and the people of the city that have sustained in for the last 130 years, and these actions can be sanctioned by the authorities who are supposed to protect the game’s wider interests.

It is hard to think of a clearer example of the failings of governance and leadership that continue to riddle our national game. The policy upon which this decision was based is not even published.

On a day (2nd August) when the football authorities were originally supposed to report to the Minister for Sport on the steps they have taken to reform the way the game is regulated, the irony could not be more telling, and another historic club is eviscerated.

We will continue to work with the Sky Blue Trust, and support them in every way possible to ensure that in its 130th year, the City of Coventry can have a Club that bears its name, and of which it can be proud.

Football fans deserve better, and we will continue to campaign for the kind of regulation that the game so desperately needs, and which fans, politicians and so many others are united in calling for.


About Supporters Direct

GROWTH: Supporters’ trusts have now been established at over 170 clubs       

MEMBERSHIP: Over 400,000 people are members of supporters’ trusts in          the UK·    

FINANCE: Supporters’ trusts have now brought in well over £30 million of new finance into football and rugby league.(This amounts to almost £7 of investment for every £1 of funding to SD)

OWNERSHIP: Over 30 clubs in the UK are in ownership or in control by supporters’ trusts, including Football League clubs AFC Wimbledon, Exeter City, Portsmouth and Wycombe Wanderers PARTNERSHIP: Over 100 supporters’ trusts now have shareholding in their club

BOARDROOM: Over 65 supporters’ trusts have directors at their clubs, including Premier League Swansea City FC

REACH: Supporters of nearly 70% of clubs in the top five divisions of football in England, and the top four divisions in Scotland have established supporters’ trusts

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