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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 24 May 2013

Week 21

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 H.0111 Mrs Westwood M Waterhouse
£500 L.4411 Mr Miller P Newsagents
£200 AV4623 Mr Mann Doug Birchall
£100 DD5645
Ben Dixon
Mr Griffiths
R Galligan
Mr Wright
£50 P.6686
T Keeble
A Woodman
A Blackburn
Mrs Walmsley
J Morrison
Sean Newbury
Lee Howarth
John Pearcy
£25 YY4170
Mrs Russell
Mrs Grantham
R Walker
Mr Lloyd
Mr Valentine
Emma Inett
Nick Fincher
Paula Connor
Standing Orders
Office Player
Sue Crilley
Phil Williamson
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 17 May 2013

Week 20

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 A.1195 Mr Marsden T Dempster
£500 A.5668 Mr D Strother Standing Orders
£200 W.0715 Mr P Richardson Paul Davis
£100 MM3778
Marion Blokland
Mr D Rogers
Online Player
Tony Malone
£50 H.4054
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Goddard
D Anderson
M Thompson
G Godfrey-Brown
A Baynham
Business Pack
Michael Thompson
£25 BB3518
Liz Benson
Mr P Howarth
Mrs M Booles
Michael Robinson
Mr A Hurley
Mrs Thompson
Standing Orders
Standing Orders
Hitchborns News
M Robinson
Sharon Speakman
Supporters Assoc
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 10 May 2013

Week 19

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 E.0743 Mrs S Lomas David Burfoot
£500 JJ1772 Mr S Daubney Standing Orders
£200 Q.3338 R G Summers Online Player
£100 K.3852
Mr E Blundell
N J Wilson
Mr Westworth
Standing Orders
£50 TT1006
N Thomas
Julie Morris
Mr T Wood
D Schofield
Online Player
Shaun Jamieson
Adam Morres
John Connor
£25 AJ6726
K D Hunt
B Prudham
Mrs Burgess
Mrs P Mace
Mrs Courtenay
Mrs S Chew
Tony Sayle
Office Player
James Bamford
Ninas News
David Burfootr
Doug Birchall
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Supporters Summit 2013

Supporters Summit 2013 —-

Saturday 22 June —-  at the England Training Camp, St. George’s Park, Needwood, Burton-Upon-Trent, DE13 9PD

The Supporters Summit is a joint event by Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation aimed at bringing supporters together to discuss the challenging issues facing the industry.


Supporters     The Supporters Summit 2013 is for supporters of football, Rugby League, and other spectator sports clubs, whether individuals or part of supporters’ organisations. It is a great place to network with established supporters’ groups and learn more about how clubs are run, and about how the world of football works.

Football stakeholders (clubs, leagues, associations)        The Summit will provide a great window on fan issues as well as providing an opportunity to develop relationships between fans and the game’s other stakeholders.  From Supporter Liaison Officers at clubs, to the regulators of the game’s finances, or anywhere in between, if supporters are relevant for your work, then you should be here.

Other organizations   If your organisation is interested in engaging with fans, then this is the place to come – the largest and most significant gathering of influential fans and supporter groups in the UK.

We have an exciting, informative and engaging day planned, and we expect to announce more speakers in the coming weeks, with one or two other special guests in the pipeline. The event is aimed at bringing supporters and other stakeholders together to discuss key issues for fans and the various challenges facing the national game. Alongside Swansea City FC Chairman Huw Jenkins, and Tim Connolly, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the Green Bay Packers, the event will also hear from: Andy Burnham MP (former Secretary of State for Sport & current Shadow Health Secretary & former SD Chair); Sylvia Schenk (Senior Advisor for Sport, Transparency International); Paul Rawnsley (Director of Sport Business Group, Deloitte); Micah Hall (Blogger: Portsmouth Fans Network); Roisin Wood (Director, Kick It Out).

EVENT INFORMATION      Following an opening plenary with keynote speakers, there will be a comprehensive set of workshops with expert panels discussing football finance, fan engagement, ticket pricing, women in football, discrimination, financial sustainability, transparency, asset protection and supporter ownership. To close the day there will be a plenary Q&A session with an expert panel.

FREE TOUR       Delegates will also get the opportunity to have a free guided tour of the brand new St. Georges Park facility, pitches and performances suites. Further details will be available on the day and are subject to availability.

For More Details and to Register                                 (Early Bird Discount till 14th May)                                       Visit the Website


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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 03 May 2013

Week 18

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 MM3037 J Galligan R Galligan
£500 DD0174 Mrs E Thornhill D Wann & M Shipley
£200 BB0749 Mrs Seddon David Moore
£100 W.3942
Mr & Mrs Jay
Lesley Willis
Paul Davis
L Willis
£50 Q.1988
Mr Richmond
Mrs Fisher
Mrs Mueller
Mr Kennedy
M Richmond
R McMenamin
Graham Parry
S Harker
£25 AM6249
Mrs S Lemon
J Hall
Mr Smith
N K Maslen
Chris Brunt
J White
Graham Chapman
Standing Orders
Graham Porter
Online Player
Peter Cramer
Jonathan White
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