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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 15 February 2013

Week 7

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 BB2168 Paul Ellis Standing Orders
£500 M.0372 Mrs I Bradley Online Player
£200 S.4261 Mrs K Lane B Lowery
£100 VV2077
Mrs A Coombes
C Norman
Jill Duckworth
Mr D Birchall
£50 D.0318
Ian Carter
A Whittaker
Mrs McGeown
Ms Amphlett
Online Player
Stuart Heaps
Dave Carter
Richard Porter
£25 J.0968
Mr S T Prince
Mr Halliwell
Miss Stewart
Mr Marchment
Mr J Waight
Mr S Neighbour
Online Player
Standing Orders
A Baynham
Steve Goode
Standing Orders
Supporters Assoc
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 08 February 2013

Week 6

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 J.4736 Mr G Horcum D Lallement
£500 YY1548 Mrs A Goulding Mick Fincher
£200 DD3165 Karen O’Brien Standing Orders
£100 AS1970
A & W Holden
Michael Clarke
Union News
Standing Orders
£50 RR1521
V Shepherd
J Reid
Mrs E Wardley
L Wilson
Age Concern
Tony Malone
Peter Bryant
Mick Fincher
£25 F.0276
Mrs Page
E Cunningham
D Brammer
A Lawson
K J Plant
Pete Stinger
Online Player
A M Davidson
Online Player
Standing Orders
GT News
David Hampson
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The Football Club needs your Help!

The football club is conducting a very important survey, to show how important the club is to the City’s economy.
Please see the following EMail from ‘Posh’, and spare just a couple of minutes to complete the survey. please ensure that you consider all the questions, as its very important that all monies spent on match days are included.
With the development of the stadium and the possibility of the club owning its own ground once again, it is obviously in our own interest to show how important the football club is to Peterborough, therefore if you have Email addresses for fellow supporters, please forward this mail and ask them to participate.
Many thanks in anticipation
Barry Bennett

From: Peterborough United Football Club
Subject: Fw: Chance To Win Tickets & A Signed Posh Shirt

Home | Tickets | Online Shop | Posh Player
FREE PRIZE DRAW – HELP US BY TAKING A 2-MINUTE SURVEYPeterborough United Football Club is carrying out a study to see how the Club impacts on Peterborough and the UK’s economy and community.

This study is needed in order to communicate the importance of the Club and its fans to Peterborough. We need your help in order to do this, as an important impact is the spend of supporters on match day and the work of the Club in the community.

Therefore we would be grateful if you could fill in this quick survey.

Respondents to this survey will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed Peterborough United shirt and a pair of tickets.

Click on the link below:

Thank you!
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 01 February 2013

Week 5

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 B.0747 Mr G Forsyth Standing Orders
£500 M.0545 Mrs A Rutland Online Player
£200 AW6768 Mr Mark Jones G Meadows
£100 BB4355
Miss Hill
Teresa Joyce
Ian Donkin
D Birchall
£50 YY2312
Mr Drinkwater
D Miller
J Shillito
Mrs Fairfield
W Southwick
Post Office Player
Business Pack
Tom Fisher
£25 L.0602
D O’Leary
N Head-Jenner
Mr Wright
Anne Frost
P Barnard
Mrs A Dunnett
J Morrison
P Travis
Sue Crilley
Parkers News
J Cassidy
Patrick Gillett
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