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“Guess The Attendance” Competition Winner


The Actual Attendance for the Game was 10, 432.
The winner is Mr Nathan Foster.   Nathan wins £110 which is 50% of all entry fees taken.  His guess was spot on,:- 10432.
Congratulations Nathan.
Our Smile Ticket Scheme will also benefit by £110 which is the remainder of Monies taken on the competition.
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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 24 August 2012

Week 34

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 Q.3567 Mr D Garner Tariq Khalique
£500 W.3383 Mr & Mrs Mason Help the Hatters
£200 AV1604 J M Ballinger Doug Birchall
£100 U.1737
Martin Astley
Tim Brown
Plough Public House
£50 J.0586
Mrs Anderson
Mrs J Watson
J Woods
Mr K Hartley
David Hampson
Standing Orders
Janet Asiliskender
Keese O’Hara
£25 B.6653
Mr Bowman
A Tillotson
Peter Corkhill
Mr W E Riley
Mrs Cussion
Coastal Racing
Mr Bowman
Stuart Heaps
Keith Graham
A & P Riley
David Moore
Coastal Racing
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The 10th Annual General Meeting of ‘The Posh Supporters’ Trust’

Will take place at The Cherry Tree, Oundle Road Peterborough on Monday 22nd October 2012,  starting at 7-30pm.

NOMINATIONS for TRUST BOARD MEMBERS  Under the Rules of The Posh Supporters’ Trust the following members of the Board must resign from office by rotation, and are eligible for re-election at the AGM. Walter Moore, Keith Jennings and Tony Griffin. Currently there are 4 vacant seats on the Board, so with the 3 being vacated there are 7 seats available for nominations.

The Posh Supporters’ Trust has established a very healthy working relationship with the football club. We have, and will continue to implement various initiatives to introduce ‘New’ fans and disadvantaged fans to London Rd, thereby helping the club progress and increase attendances.

It is important for both the football club and its supporters, that we keep the Trust moving in the right direction and remain active with new initiatives. We have regular meetings with the club to discuss the stadium development and any issues that affect the supporters, always seeking to further improve the match-day experience for all fans. We are always looking for volunteers, who can offer a little time, or anyone with professional skills who would enhance our team, either on an occasional basis or as a Board Member.

To keep the Trust moving in the right Direction, we Urgently need to recruit ‘New Members’ to the Board. Most of the current Board are ageing and regrettably, cannot serve forever. We need groups of younger members to come forward to ensure the future of The Posh Supporters’ Trust.

With 7 positions on the Board available, we need new people to come forward and bring fresh ideas and skills to the Board. In particular we would like to see younger members, male and female join your Board, to ensure that the ambitions, and views of all generations and genders are considered at all times. To apply, Members  should obtain an Election Nomination Form from the Trust and return the completed form to be received by the Secretary by Friday 14th September 2012 at the latest. 

For a Nomination Form or to find out more about joining the Board, contact Barry on 01733 761652 or 07710 283676, or Email

Should there be more candidates than the number of seats available; the Secretary will arrange an election. The Secretary will issue postal ballot papers and copies of the candidates’ election addresses to all members by Friday, 5th October 2012 , in order that voting can take place prior to the AGM.  Voting will be by post or in person at the meeting.

The Trust,s Patron Tommy Robson and Posh chief executive Bob Symns will be at the AGM for open discussion about the football club, tell us about the latest developments at London Road, and answer your questions on anything Posh.   Finally to test your memory, Mick Robinson will host his traditional Posh Quiz.

Please make a note on your Calendar, or in your Diary.

The Posh Supporters’ Trust  AGM.  7-30pm on Monday 22nd October 2012

Members and New Members are welcome, and refreshments will be provided.

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STADIUM, Development Update as at 10 August

So nothing is happening at Moy’s End!  Well, yes it is, and by the time you read this article, speculation may have become a confirmed fact.

 On 15 June 2012 Peterborough City Council and Peterborough United Football Club issued a joint statement on the football club ground investment and development.

 “The Football Club and the City Council are in discussion about the delivery of the new Moy’s End stand and educational facilities. Currently, the club have less than   2 years left on their lease and as the council is investing significant funds into this development, discussions have inevitably turned to future leases, the football club’s critical ambition to eventually own the ground and the remaining investment needed to secure an all-seater stadium. These discussions are continuing and both parties are keen to conclude them as soon as possible.”              Statement Ends.

Until these negotiations have been concluded, we understand that the contract to for the work on Moy’s End cannot be awarded. Clearly both the Football Club and the City Council need to be in agreement on a future lease before developing the site.

Following our meeting with the club on Mon 6 August, we were told that the negotiations that have been on-going between the club and the city council are almost concluded and the council will soon be able to award the contract for the demolition and re-building of the Moy’s stand.

Then after the short lead in period from award to commencement of work, site work may be anticipated to commence in October with completion still being programmed prior to the start of the 2013/14 season.

At least the Millwall, Leeds, Bristol City and Wolves fans will be lucky enough to visit the most popular away end in the football league before it disappears.

The sceptics, and I have been amongst them, may say that similar promises about imminent starts on the scheme have been made on a number of occasions this year but nothing has happened. True; but with the deadline for completion of a new stand before the 2013/14 season critical, it does seem that this present timetable is more certain.

The club and council should also soon be announcing the conclusion of the agreement that has reached with regard to the future ownership of the stadium. Indications are that this will be a win/win agreement with both the ambitions of the club and the interests of the taxpayer being satisfied.

Although there are not yet any firm proposals for the rebuilding of the London Road end stand there have been some very positive moves towards the incorporation of Safe Standing areas into the eventual rebuild. Following a visit by representatives from the club and council to the Hannover stadium – and a starring role for Peter Burrow in a film that was being made there! – Bob Symns, on behalf of the club, issued a very positive statement about the wish to incorporate such areas into the new LRE stand. Meetings are being arranged with the various authorities involved and the club are pressing for Posh to be the trail blazers in giving fans what they want.

Now all that is required is for the team to make sure that we are watching them play in at least the Championship from our new stands – C’mon the POSH!

Paul Froggitt.

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Gold Bond Top 15 Winners : 17 August 2012

Week 33

Winnings Number Winner Agent
£2,000 LL3370 Phillip Taylor P Taylor
£500 JJ4678 Mr Gornall Gary Cross
£200 VV1357 Susan Whittaker Ian McDermott
£100 LL2561
R Ward
T W Hesketh
Standing Orders
Online Player
£50 P.1564
Mr & Mrs Munton
Anthony Lewis
Mrs Ivy Meadows
P Davison
Food & Things
Standing Orders
Mrs I Meadows
Phyllis Davison
£25 AA0065
N Head-Jenner
Richard Jamieson
J D Priest
Nigel Woodcock
Matthew Williams
E P Jude
P Travis
Chris Barnett
Supporters Assn
Standing Orders
Office Player
Ken Hutchinson
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