1990’s Cult Hero section goes live in our on-line museum

The PST has today (Sunday 15th October) published a new sub-section in our ‘Cult Heroes’ section on our on-line museum.

The new section is the 1990’s, the decade in which Posh won promotion to the 2nd tier of the Football League for the first time in the club’s story but also sadly were relegated back to the 3rd tier after just two seasons and then the 4th tier a further three seasons later.

Let us know (at enquiries@theposhtrust.co.uk) of any other players / managers (and the reason why) you think they were cult heroes of our club from the 1990’s. If you put a good case forward we may include them in the future.

Please note some cult heroes from this era (i.e. Chris Turner as Manager of the 1992 team) may be in other sections (i.e. ‘The 1970’s or ‘The 2000’s section) if they were involved with the club in different decades.

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